Blue Print

The Blue Print brand was launched in 1994 and is a complete range solution for Asian and American vehicles, including ‘Grey’ imports, selected American imports and re-badged equivalents.”

Blue Print is distributed in over 30 European countries.

The Blue Print range continues to expand and develop through accurate research, close analysis of the vehicle parc and of course information gathered from you, our customer. We receive almost 2,000 requests for new products through Blue Print LIVE! every month; to date 40% of all these requests have been researched , catalogued and are available for next day delivery.

Even if you think the part is only available from the dealer, always check Blue Print LIVE! first; you will be amazed at the opportunity for sale that Blue Print offers. If we don’t yet supply the part you need, let us know and you can be confident that we will act upon your feedback. Blue Print – Right First Time!

The Blue Print brand motto – “Right First Time” – articulates the values of quality and accuracy that users of Blue Print across Europe have come to reply on since it’s launch in 1994.

Wholesalers, retailers and repairers trust Blue Print to deliver the highest product quality, the most accurate cataloguing and the most professional and accessible service.

Right First Time means:

  • Precisely specified, highly reliable products
  • Clear, easy-to-use and accurate catalogue
  • Rapid new product development
  • Fast and efficient systems and service
  • Researched pricing
  • Added value
Blue Print

July 5, 2017