Swag Automotive supplier

Incredible quality

SWAG replacement parts live up to their promise. For 55 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to the independent aftermarket by supplying it with quality replacement parts to OE quality. We don’t leave our success to chance, however: not only have SWAG processes been successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, but each and every product is continuously tested to the strictest standards.

Superb range

The right part for every vehicle type. Our range includes more than 16,000 car replacement parts for all renowned German, European and Asian vehicle types. Whether you need steering, engine, chassis or braking technology components, electrics or SWAG Extra – we’ve got it.

Incredibly close

SWAG replacement parts are available just when you need them. To ensure we are able to quickly supply our partners on a global scale, we continuously invest in our logistics capabilities and stock availability. You can rely on our products to arrive at the workshop when required for a fit-first-time installation.

High storage availability – short delivery times

Our high storage availability and short delivery times ensure an optimum planning safety for our customers and partners. This is guaranteed by SWAG with its good name! Take us at our word!

SWAG – now and in future

We are in a process of continous development. You can be sure of that! This includes the scheduled expansion of the existing product lines up to the full-range provider as well as the short-term implementation of new program lines.

Swag Automotive

July 5, 2017